N o 9 Bask - Tangerine Dream


    Tangerine Dream pheromone cologne is the only one of its kind ever produced in the world.

    Groundbreaking in every scientific module our sexual pheromone cologne remains perfect at a staggering 99% purity level ensuring immediate and direct sexual response.

    (The Flavor). Scientifically infused into the formula our proprietary TANGERINE DREAM ESSENCE is the most enticing, deepest, rich, and pure tangerine scent that has ever been created in a cologne.A delicious pure and almost overly ripe tangerine scent that is smothered in its sweet juices. Fresh, explosive delicious, and warming with sunshine. Creates a positive enticement for any woman.

    Direct from Italy inside the heart of the world’s finest and most perfectly orchard ripe, delicious, sun-filled tangerines our scent was created.

    Erotic and highly sexual TANGERINE DREAM has become the world’s most highly sought-after tangerine scented pheromone cologne in modern time.

    The scented Private Collection  is the only known scientific creation made of this kind in the world. There are 9 bottles thus far that have been created privately.

    Our proprietary technology allows us to infuse these fine complex, world-class scent creations some derived from the French Masters directly into the pheromone molecules allowing them to produce a harmonious explosion of new and highly motivated intimate experiences. All this inside one single bottle of cologne. It had to be created so we made sure it was ours.

    The true story:“9 years in the making” technology had once again advanced inside the world of biotechnology allowing our firm to advance even further scientifically inside the niche sector of the reproduction of pure human sexual molecules.

    This was a privately funded project created by the founder/owner and CEO of the World Class Baskworld Technologies Inc. In his immense years commanding the human pheromone sector, he has been formulating and perfecting this leap in technology and keeping it as his own private stock. Pretty cool. This creation of rare, rich, hand-picked upgraded sexual blends was meticulously made personally for private enjoyment. With all the years of experience in this one particular field of expertise, one can only imagine how truly special they all must be. These private blends of sexually charged, effective, and scented pheromone colognes and perfumes have never before been available for public sale until now .We just felt it was time to share. The Original and only one of its kind in the world. N o 9 BASK: Private Collection, Tangerine Dream

    Results: a Dramatic enhancement of women and a unique yet explosive Masterpiece tangerine infused cologne.

    A One of a kind masterpiece. 

    Net Weight: 1.7 oz.

    Product Type: Cologne