N o 9 Bask - 99 Percent Pure for Men Glass Bottle Spray (1.75 oz.) - Gold Label


    Pheromone Colognes for men by N o 9 BASK are the world’s finest pheromone colognes and eau de toilette’s ever made. N o 9 Bask pure pheromone colognes for men will attract, lure and entice anyone within seconds. Our 99% pure and proprietary blends of the most potent sexual pheromones ever to be reproduced are available for everyone inside each bottle of N o 9 BASK. One spray is all it takes. There is nothing finer. To be used with any favorite cologne or perfume.

    2.2 year. [810] applications.

    Net Weight: 1.75 oz.

    Alcohol Denat., Fragrance, Water.
    Use sparingly 1 spray.
    Product Type: Body Spray
    Preferences: Oil-Free