N o 9 Bask - 99 Percent Pure Portable Glass Spray for Women (5 ml) - White Label


    N o 9 BASK is an Elite Fashion Accessory. This ultimate portable & pocket sized spray pheromone system for women guarantees results.Just one spray delivers a huge dose of 99% pure pheromones. Secretly seduce anyone whom you choose. Odorless, undetectable, seduction. Take it with you anywhere and attract anyone.

    N ° 9 BASK pheromone colognes are a revolutionary breakthrough in the science of advanced human pheromone technology. Developed from an astonishing 99% purity level n ° 9 bask offers the highest concentration of the most pure human sexual essence made. Our product is elite and one of its kind. There is nothing finer. To be used sparingly.

    Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals produced in our body that send out subconscious sexual scent signals to the opposite sex. Pheromones trigger very powerful and intense sexual responses within the brain. They play the most important role in sexual communication and sexual exploration.

    Daily hygiene practices allow us to use soaps, perfumes, colognes, deodorants, oils, lotions and creams. We like to smell good but in doing so we are removing our very own naturally produced pheromones.

    N ° 9 BASK immediately restores your pheromone level to a maximum and pure effectiveness allowing you to naturally attract the opposite sex within seconds.

    N ° 9 BASK produces the most advanced, highest concentrated form of pure human pheromone colognes in the world.

    We guarantee memorable results

    1.2 months. [50] applications

    Net Weight: 5 ml

    Alcohol Denat., Fragrance, Water.
    Use sparingly 1 spray.
    Product Type: Perfumes
    Preferences: Oil-Free