Mademoiselle Lash - Mimi Magnetic Cluster Lashes


    Mimi: Natural Grace

    Looking for a cluster lash kit that complements your eyes? Take a second glance with the feathery weight of Mimi, our lightest density lash.

    Whether it’s a glamorous soirée or a casual lunch, every flutter of your lashes will command attention and turn heads with Mimi.

    Volume That Captivates

    Need volume lashes that go the mile without extra weight on your eyes? Add a touch of glamour to your natural look with Mimi and radiate your best self wearing volume lashes without excessive density.

    Whether you seek the charm of a classic beauty or the daring radiance of a modern trendsetter, Mimi amplifies any occasion with a gorgeously voluminous look.

    Make Mimi YoursChannel your inner diva with the indulgence of luxury lashes. Be daring with Mimi.

    Embrace a subtle, natural elegance with the delicate look and feel of Mimi magnetic lashes.

    Attract Attention With Magnetic Lashes

    Sometimes, even the best mascara just doesn’t cut it. Upgrade your lash game with Mimi magnetic lashes. For a more dramatic eye makeup look without the effort, Mimi magnetic lashes come to the rescue.

    With Mimi magnetic lashes, traditional lash glue is a thing of the past. Simply press over your natural lashes and you’re good to go without any mess.

    Magnetism is everything with the simplicity and ease of the best magnetic eyelashes. Make Mimi your go-to cluster lash kit.

    Freedom To Be Yourself

    Looking to change up your look? With Mimi, you’re free to experiment to achieve the look you have in mind. Build your clusters heavy for added drama, or add a sprinkle of glam – it’s all possible with Mimi.

    From subtle sophistication to bold statements, Mimi empowers you to be yourself and become the artist of your own canvas.

    Cluster Lash Kit That’s Cruelty-Free.

    Experience the epitome of ethical beauty with Mimi cruelty-free vegan lashes. Bring the perfect blend of compassion and innovation to your makeup box with our favorite magnetic lashes.

    With Mimi, you get conscious elegance — where compassion meets technological marvel.

    About the Collection

    Discover the limitless possibilities of our Couture eyelash cluster lash kits, allowing you to create a unique lash look that perfectly matches your individuality. Crafted from our premium ‘vegan silk’, these lashes deliver a luxurious, fine, and fluttery finish. The cruelty-free lash fibers create a flawless appearance and feel lightweight blending seamlessly with your natural lashes.

    Not only do these magnetic lashes exude aesthetic appeal, but they also offer unparalleled versatility. With easy application and repositioning, the cluster segments allow you to add length and volume along the lash line or focus on corners. Experiment with single or double layers, and explore different shapes like winged or rounded to discover your personal favorite.

    Designed to be durable and reusable, just like all our lash products, our cluster lash kits will accompany you to every event, whether it’s night or day. With proper care, you can enjoy up to 20 wears or even more from each kit.

    Whether you're a lash enthusiast eager to experiment or a seasoned pro who loves having options, our Couture cluster lash kit stands as the ultimate choice.

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    At Mademoiselle Lash, the best magnetic eyelashes are crafted with meticulous attention and the finest, most gentle materials available to ensure exceptional quality. We’ll help you look after your lashes so they stay in the best shape and perfect condition.

    Removing Fake Lashes —

    • Your lashes are delicate, so be mindful when removing them.
    • Peel each cluster carefully by grabbing the entire cluster.
    • Don't try to force it — lift the lash gently from the magnetic liner.

    Remove Magnetic Liner From Lashes —

    • Make sure you’ve removed your fake lashes using our Removing Fake Lashes guidelines.
    • Use ordinary eye makeup remover or face oil to remove the lash liner from your lashes.
    • Swipe your remover over the lash line with a cotton pad.
    • Remember to wipe away any residual liner from your lids.

    Cleaning Fake Lashes —

    • It’s really important to always clean your lashes after every use, to get the maximum amount of use out of them.
    • After removing your lashes, make sure you clean the magnets on the lash by scraping off any excess liner that may have stuck to the magnets.
    • Once the lashes are clean you can place them back in their lash tray for safekeeping.
    • Lastly, avoid water contact with the lashes as they will lose their curl and shape.
    • Remove any liner buildup every 3-4 wears for new lashes, or sooner if there's too much on there.
    • Remove any remaining liner with a cotton swab and non-oil-based makeup remover.
    • Remember, your lashes can withstand a little water, but don't soak them! They may lose shape if they become too damp.

    Mascara & Fake Lashes 

    • It's up to you whether or not to apply mascara to your fake lashes, but it's best not to if you want lashes that last.
    • If you don't want your artificial lashes to become clumpy, wait for the mascara to dry before applying them.

    Every pair of lashes is handcrafted with care, precision, and high-quality materials. Mimi is expected to last for 20 wears or more with careful maintenance.