Mademoiselle Lash - Cindy Magnetic Cluster Lashes


    Cindy: Harmonious Beauty

    Dreaming of a mesmerizing false lash look? Experience effortless and harmonious beauty with Cindy magnetic lashes.

    From fabulous date nights to Sunday brunches, open your eyes to the possibilities of the Cindy lash cluster kit.

    Classic Charm

    Meticulously designed with spiked lashes, indulge yourself with the charm of Cindy. With a classically round look, Cindy bathes your eyes in luxurious comfort and impeccable style.

    Imbued with a whisper-light touch and a seamless fit, the Cindy cluster lash kit blends with your natural lashes for an irresistible charm that commands attention.

    Radiate With Cindy

    Radiate charm and appeal with Cindy magnetic lashes. Explore impressive lash looks with Cindy.

    Discover a realm of understated beauty with Cindy magnetic lashes where elegance takes on a natural and delicate form.

    Lash Cluster For Layered Versatility

    When you choose Cindy, you get versatility for every day and every night of the week. Break free from the confines of a single look. Explore with the freedom to create different styles. Control the volume you want by experimenting with single or double layers with Cindy magnetic lashes.

    For a touch of subtlety, add a few lashes to the outer corner, creating a captivating and refined interpretation of the timeless cat's eye flick.

    Be A Trailblazer

    Embark on a journey of charm and irresistibility with Cindy magnetic lashes, delicately designed in a low-density spiked style. This lash cluster kit effortlessly strikes the perfect balance, where natural beauty intertwines with making a magnetic statement.

    Cindy frames your eyes giving you a natural grace and confidence. With the fusion of subtlety and captivating drama, the balance of Cindy magnetic lashes is brilliant for its versatility. Be a trailblazer with Cindy.

    Your Choice Of Length

    With Cindy, you get the luxury of choice allowing you to curate your desired length with ease and without cutting your lashes. With four different lengths in the kit, you can go from a short and natural look for daily errands and work-appropriate style to lusciously long for a glamorous and dramatic impact.

    Whatever you’re in the mood for, Cindy perfectly complements the occasion.

    About the Collection

    Experience the boundless possibilities of our Couture lash cluster kits, crafted to match your unique individuality with a luxurious, fine, and fluttery finish from our premium vegan silk. These cruelty-free magnetic lashes replicate the flawless appearance and weightless feel of real lashes, seamlessly blending with your natural lashes.

    Magnetic lashes offer not only aesthetic appeal but also unmatched versatility, enabling easy application, repositioning, and customization of length, volume, and shape. Designed for durability and multiple uses, our lash cluster kits provide up to 20 or more wears with proper care, making them the perfect choice for lash enthusiasts and professionals alike.

    Net weight: 2oz

    Step into the world of Mademoiselle Lash, where the pursuit of excellence is woven into every fiber of our best magnetic eyelashes.

    With unwavering dedication, we meticulously craft each lash by harnessing the finest materials that are known for their gentle touch, ensuring unparalleled quality.

    Removing False Lashes —

    • Handle your delicate lashes with care during removal.
    • Begin by gently peeling your lashes from the outer corner, moving inward.
    • If you encounter any resistance, use a Q-tip and makeup remover or your preferred oil-based option to remove the magnetic liner.
    • Avoid forcing the removal process to prevent any damage to your lashes.

    Remove Magnetic Liner From Lashes —

    • Use everyday eye makeup remover or face oil to remove the magnetic lash liner from your natural or false lashes.
    • Swipe your remover over the lash line with a cotton pad.
    • Wait one minute before lifting your false lashes carefully from the outside corner.
    • Remember to wipe away any residual liner from your lids.
    • Avoid pulling the lashes off too hard, as it may cause them to come undone. Additionally, refrain from immersing them in water, as it can lead to a loss of shape.

    Storing Fake Lashes 

    • Avoid squashing your false lashes by storing them properly.
    • Keep them secure in the original tray they came in between uses to maintain their shape.
    • The original tray is convenient for carrying the lashes with you. Simply place the tray in your bag and off you go!
    • Be prepared to party after work with a new makeup look by having your lashes ready to go in their original tray.

    Sleeping With Fake Lashes —

    • Resist the temptation to sleep in your lashes, especially after a night of adventure.
    • Continuous pressure against a pillow can deform your lashes, compromising their attractive and natural appearance.
    • Prior to bedtime, make it a routine to gently remove your lashes, allowing them to rest and rejuvenate.
    • Give your lashes the care and attention they deserve for the best results.

    Cleaning Fake Lashes —

    • Use a cotton swab and non-oil-based makeup remover to gently remove any magnetic liner.
    • Avoid soaking the lashes as they may lose their shape; they can tolerate some water, but excessive dampness should be avoided.

    Mascara & Fake Lashes 

    • It's optional to apply mascara to your fake lashes, but it's recommended to avoid it if you want long-lasting lashes that maintain their appearance.
    • Allow the mascara to dry before applying the artificial lashes to prevent clumping.

    Each pair of lashes is meticulously handcrafted with utmost care, precision, and luxurious materials. With careful care and maintenance, Cindy is designed to last for 20 or more wears.