Mademoiselle Lash - Jamie Magnetic Cluster Lashes


    Jamie: Bold Vivacity

    Unleash your inner vibrance with Jamie eyelash cluster as the embodiment of boldness and liveliness. Jamie magnetic lashes exude a maximum allure for effortless glamour and impeccable style.

    With Jamie eyelash cluster kit, you can express your daring spirit and embrace a look that commands attention and radiates confidence. From sunny days at the beach to evenings at jazz bars, elevate your style and add a touch of vivacity to any occasion with the magnetic charm of Jamie magnetic lashes.

    Exude Charisma With Jamie

    Radiate an aura of charm and appeal with Jamie eyelash cluster kit. For everyday wear or the occasional event, Jamie magnetic lashes are designed to make you the epitome of charisma.

    Where most magnetic lashes are functional, Jamie magnetic lashes effortlessly enhance your natural beauty, accentuating your eyes with a mesmerizing elegance. With Jamie, leave a lasting impression wherever you go, exuding a magnetism on anyone who sets eyes on you.

    Take Jamie HomeCreate a striking look when you stun with Jamie magnetic lashes. Take Jamie home and unlock a world of breathtaking beauty.

    Full & Fluffy For Dark Glamour

    Experience the epitome of glamour with Jamie, our deepest and most luxurious magnetic lashes, boasting a captivating intensity that surpasses all others.

    Want to go super dramatic? With the Jamie eyelash cluster kit, bewitch with lashes that deliver an abundance of volume and plushness, surpassing the delicacy of our lightweight Cindy spiked clusters. Embrace a fuller, more opulent aesthetic that will leave a lasting impression.

    Range Of Sizes

    Enjoy the versatility of our 30-piece Jamie eyelash cluster kit, which includes a magnificent assortment of 4 various lengths ranging from 8mm to 14mm. Use your imagination to create the desired lash look you want.

    Choose a stunning round lash look by placing shorter clusters at the corners and larger clusters in the center, giving your eyes a charming Bambi-like appeal. Alternatively, progressively move from the smallest cluster in the inner corner to the longest at the outer edge. Finish off your look perfectly with winged eyeliner for an elegant touch.

    Combine With Couture Magnetic Liner

    Unlike most magnetic lashes that sandwich your natural lashes between two strips causing them to feel heavy and potentially resulting in lash loss, our cluster lash kits offer a different approach.

    Jamie magnetic lashes adhere solely to our Couture Magnetic Liner, providing a lightweight and comfortable experience while still allowing you the choice to enhance your volume by doubling up on the clusters. Relish the freedom of exceptional volume without compromising the health and longevity of your own lashes.

    About the Collection

    With our Couture eyelash cluster kits, you can express your individuality while creating a personalized lash style. This collection of lashes is handcrafted from our own premium ‘vegan silk’ and has a luscious and delicate flutter. These cruelty-free lash fibers flawlessly imitate the beautiful appearance and weightless texture of true lashes, seamlessly blending with your natural lashes.

    These magnetic lashes are not only beautiful, but they are also versatile. The cluster segments can be personalized to your chosen style allowing you to customize the length, volume, and curve of your lash line. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing single or double layers, and experiment with winged or rounder designs to discover your own individual choice.

    Our eyelash cluster kits are meticulously designed for durability and reusability. With proper care, each kit can deliver up to 20 or more wears, ensuring long-lasting elegance. Whether you're a lash enthusiast venturing into new territories or a seasoned pro seeking limitless options, our Couture lash kit is your ultimate companion for unparalleled lash adornment.

    Net weight: 2oz

    With the artistry of Mademoiselle Lash, every lash and lash strip ensemble is meticulously handcrafted using exquisite precision and the highest quality materials. Our utmost priority is to guide you in maintaining the impeccable condition of your lashes, preserving their beauty and shape.

    Storing False Lashes —

    • Don't squeeze your faux lashes. You don't want them to lose their shape, so keep them safe and secure in the tray they came in when you’re not wearing them.
    • The tray is handy for when you need to take them on the go. Pop the tray into your bag and you're ready to go with a fresh makeup look.

    Sleeping In False Lashes —

    • Try not to sleep in your faux lashes. If you squish them against a pillow overnight, they’ll end up out of shape and won't look as good as before.
    • Take a minute to remove them before going to sleep.

    Mascara On Fake Lashes —

    • Adding mascara on faux lashes is your choice — it's better not to if you want lashes to last longer.
    • Make sure you wait for the mascara to dry before putting on your false lashes if you don't want them to stick together and clump up.

    Cleaning Faux Lashes —

    • For clean and hygienic lashes, remove any leftover liner residue every 3-4 wears, or sooner.
    • Use a cotton pad and some oil-based makeup remover to gently remove any leftover liner buildup.
    • Top tip: your lashes can handle a little water, but don't soak them! If they get too wet, they’ll lose their shape.

    Remove Lash Liner From Lashes —

    • Remove lash liner from your natural or false lashes with regular makeup remover or some face-friendly oil.
    • Gently put your remover on a cotton pad and move it over the lash line.
    • Wait up to 60 seconds then gently lift your false lashes from the outer corner. Don't forget to wipe away any remaining liner on your lids or around your eyes.
    • Be careful and take care not to pull the lashes off too hard or they'll tear.

    Removing Fake Lashes —

    Your lashes are very delicate so be gentle in your grip when removing them.

    • Lift your lashes from the outside corner very carefully.
    • If there’s any resistance or your lashes are stuck down, you might need to loosen them gently with a Q-tip and make-up remover or your favorite oil-based alternative.
    • Don’t force the lashes to come off. Be gentle and patient.

    Every Couture magnetic lash set is handmade with gentle care, close precision, and high-quality materials. With the proper maintenance, you can expect Jamie to last for 20 wears or more and wear the magnetic lashes for an extended period of up to 24 hours.