Mademoiselle Lash - Emily Magnetic Cluster Lashes


    Emily: Feathered Volume

    Going somewhere special and want a striking look? Transition from natural and neutral to daring and dramatic with Emily cluster eyelashes. The best magnetic lashes to revolutionize your beauty routine.

    Whether it’s a date you’re trying to impress or you’re simply adding the final touches to complete your dressed-up look, Emily cluster eyelashes take your lash style from interesting to incredible.

    Natural Splendor

    Want that just-woke-up look without the bleary eyes that come with it? Emily cluster eyelashes create that natural, doe-eyed look so no one will ever know.

    With an ultra-compact magnet design, Emily will never reveal your secrets to those gorgeous, yet realistic, lashes that get heads turning.

    Dazzle With Emily

    Stop people in their tracks with Emily cluster eyelashes. Create your lash look with Emily.

    Explore the world of versatile and elegant beauty with Emily cluster eyelashes.

    Four Sizes, Your ChoiceEmily is adaptable and flexible for every occasion. With several lengths available, the one-dimensional look is a thing of the past. Experiment with single or double layers, and control your volume to perfection.

    By adding a few lashes to the outer corner, create a stunning and polished rendition of the iconic cat's eye flick, or double up the lashes for double the drama.

    Vegan & Cruelty-FreeIndulge in the elegance of Emily cluster lashes, expertly crafted from luxuriously-fine vegan silk fibers. Where most magnetic lashes are manufactured from polyester, our lashes are made from the finest vegan materials. Choose cruelty-free beauty without compromising on the lavishness of feathery softness for a natural look.

    Each lash is meticulously designed to replicate the sumptuous texture and delicate feel of real mink lashes, providing a truly indulgent experience. Experience ethical luxury with our vegan silk lashes, where sophistication meets compassion in every flutter.

    Combine With Couture Magnetic LinerAchieve a secure and flawless lash attachment with our Couture Magnetic Liner. This innovative formula is designed to keep Emily magnetic lashes in place all day long without the need for messy glue.

    Experience ease and convenience with the best magnetic lashes combined with our reliable magnetic liner system. The Couture Magnetic Liner ensures a seamless and strong bond between your natural lashes and the magnetic clusters for a confident and worry-free wear.

    About the Collection

    Discover the limitless possibilities of our Couture lash cluster kits, designed to complement your distinct personality with a rich, fine, and fluttery finish from our premium vegan silk. These cruelty-free magnetic lashes mirror the immaculate appearance and weightlessness of real lashes, seamlessly blending with your natural lashes.

    These magnetic lashes are not only beautiful, but also extremely versatile, allowing for effortless application, repositioning, and modification of length, volume, and shape. Our lash cluster kits are designed for longevity and several uses, providing up to 20 or more wears with proper maintenance, making them the ideal choice for lash enthusiasts and experts alike.

    Net weight: 2oz

    To achieve the best quality lashes, Mademoiselle Lash crafts each lash with meticulous attention and the finest materials available. We want to make sure you take care of your lashes so they stay in the perfect condition they’re meant to be in.

    Mascara & Fake Lashes 

    • Adding mascara on the fake lashes is your choice — it's better not to if you want lashes that last.
    • Make sure you wait for the mascara to dry before putting on your fake lashes if you don't want them to stick together.

    Cleaning Fake Lashes 

    • For clean lashes, remove any liner residue every 3-4 wears, or sooner if there's a lot of liner buildup on there.
    • Use a cotton swab and some non-oil-based makeup remover to gently remove any leftover liner.
    • Top tip: your lashes can take a little water, but don't soak them! If they get too wet, they might lose their shape.

    Remove Lash Liner From Lashes —

    • Remove lash liner from your natural or fake lashes with regular makeup remover or some face-friendly oil.
    • Gently dab your remover on a cotton pad and move it over the lash line.
    • Wait one minute, then gently lift your fake lashes from the outer corner. Don't forget to wipe away any remaining liner on your lids and around your eyes.
    • Be careful and take care not to pull the lashes off or they'll come apart. Don't soak them in water or they might lose their shape.

    Removing Fake Lashes 

    • Your lashes are delicate and sensitive so be gentle in your grip when removing them.
    • Lift your lashes from the outside corner very carefully.
    • Don’t force it to come away.

    Storing Fake Lashes 

    • Don't squash your fake lashes. You don't want them to lose their shape, so keep them safe and secure in the original tray they came in when you’re not wearing them.
    • The tray is handy for when you need to take them on the go — just pop the tray into your bag and you're ready to go with a fresh makeup look.

    Sleeping In Fake Lashes 

    • Try not to sleep in your lashes.
    • If you squash them against a pillow throughout the night, they’ll end up misshapen and won't look as good as before.
    • Take a minute to remove them before getting some shut-eye. Your lashes will thank you in the morning.

    Every Mademoiselle Lash pair is hand-crafted with gentle care, meticulous precision, and premium-quality materials. With the proper maintenance, you can expect Emily to last for 20 wears or more.