Mademoiselle Lash - Mandee Lashes


    Mandee is: Insta-Glam Impact

    Want lashes that are Instagram-worthy? Look no further than Mandee for the Instagram effect. Made in collaboration with influencer Mandee Bence, these long lashes are specifically designed to capture the essence of Mandee’s beauty routine so we can bring it to you.

    Whether you're a beauty influencer or simply want to add a dose of spectacular drama to your day, Mandee delivers the perfect dose of glam — the best false lashes for round eyes.

    Guaranteed To Wow

    Sweep everyone off their feet with Mandee. No matter the occasion, these lashes are your secret weapon for wowing the crowd and leaving them speechless.

    Whether it's a special event, a night out, or simply wanting to feel extraordinary, Mandee brings glamour and confidence to your overall look.

    Turn Heads With Mandee

    Be a head-turner with amazingly long lashes. Create your look with Mandee.

    With Mademoiselle Lash, you’re guaranteed to discover the long eyelashes of your dreams that are striking and make your eyes pop.

    The Perfect Balance Of Long Lashes

    Experience the perfect balance of weightlessness and density with Mandee long lashes. Meticulously designed to provide maximum volume and impact without compromising comfort, Mandee boasts an impressive density that instantly adds depth and dimension to your eyes.

    Mandee offers a luxurious experience, allowing you to effortlessly flaunt bold and voluminous lashes that feel as light as a feather.

    Vegan Silk Fibers

    Experience our specially formulated 3D Fiber lashes made from vegan silk and designed to transform your lashes into luxurious lengths with voluminous fullness. Get ready to turn heads with Mandee and make a bold statement with its dramatic flutter and envy-inducing length.

    Say goodbye to short, lackluster lashes and embrace the mesmerizing effect of our vegan silk 3D fiber lashes for a stunning and unforgettable gaze. Durable and long-lasting, Mandee holds her shape wear after wear.

    Perfect For Round Eyes

    Round eyes? No problem! Mandee is our best false lashes for round eyes featuring a combination of length, volume, and a rounded design to open up and elongate the eyes, giving you an electrifying gaze.

    With these specially curated long lashes, you can confidently embrace your round eyes and effortlessly achieve a flattering and sensational look for any occasion.

    About the collection

    Make a memorable first impression with Premier, our exclusive lash collection designed to make a big impression. These strip lashes are the ultimate go-to pick for a spectacular occasion, a crazy night out, or for everyday wear.

    Our Premier winged lashes feature a double-layer design and a stunning feathery volume that will leave you looking great. These fluffy lash strips create remarkable depth and definition on their own, eliminating the need for mascara.

    Discover why these lashes are recognized as the best strip lashes for luscious, eye-catching results by featuring our longest styles, including long eyelashes that reach an amazing length of up to 17mm.

    Net Weight: 2oz

    Simply apply your favorite lash glue along the band and allow it to dry for 30 seconds until tacky, then position your lashes center-first onto your lid before pressing down both corners. We recommend using a lash tweezer for more precise application and to avoid damaging the delicate lash fibers. If wearing mascara, apply it first before the lash strip.

    Alternatively, use our clear adhesive liner for even faster, easier application. Simply swipe it onto your lid like eyeliner (no need to get it perfect, it’s invisible!) and press the lash strip straight on.

    To learn how to care for your strip eyelashes, including removing glue residue, check out our lash care guide.