Monette Naturals - Mango Orange Body Scrub


    Monette Naturals body scrubs are filled with organic ingredients with a unique blend of pure oils to moisturize skin while cleansing and exfoliating. Like a fresh squeezed glass of juice for your skin to drink up, ignite a joyous mood with the Mango Orange body scrub, loaded with ground mango and orange peel powders for a refreshing body exfoliation.

    Ingredient Showcase: Orange Peels have twice as much Vitamin C as the flesh of an orange. Vitamin C helps to remove free radicals that destroy skin cells and also helps to polish your skin for a natural glow, which makes orange peels a bonus ingredient in the mango orange body scrub.

    Net Weight: 10 oz.

     Pure Cane Sugar, Mangoes, Oranges, Argan Oil, Safflower Oil, Sesame Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Essential Oil (Organic Ingredient)

     Apply to wet skin, then rinse when it starts todissolve. Prevent water from entering the jar to preserve freshness.