Mademoiselle Lash - Couture Magnetic Eyeliner - Black


    Couture Magnetic Liner is: Your Convenient Lash Solution

    Wearing your Couture magnetic lashes just got even better. Refine your lash application with our Couture Magnetic Liner, a magnetic adhesive alternative to traditional lash glue.

    Waterproof, smudge-proof, and a 2-in-1 option, experience the convenience and versatility of magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner, allowing you to effortlessly switch up your lash styles and create captivating eye looks.

    Captivating Look

    Achieve a flirty and fabulous lash look with ease. The Couture Magnetic Liner pairs perfectly with our Couture Magnetic Lashes, offering a subtle yet irresistible enhancement to your eyes with a jet-black magnetic eyeliner. Simply draw a precise line above the lash line, place your lashes, and let your style shine.

    A Look That Inspires

    Want to add a touch of magnetism to your lashes? Try out the Couture Magnetic Liner for a look that sticks.

    Create a sultry and appealing look that lasts with the Mademoiselle Lash Couture Magnetic Liner.

    Effortless Lash Application

    Say goodbye to messy and fiddly lash glue that drips all over your hands. Our Couture Magnetic Liner provides a smooth, seamless and secure application for your magnetic lashes so you don’t have to worry about mistakes or smudges.

    Simply use the pen-style applicator to apply the magnetic adhesive directly to your eyelid. Your magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner from Mademoiselle Lash are the ultimate combination for a flirty and effortless lash look.

    Silky & Strong Magnetic Adhesive

    Crafted with a silky formula, our Couture Magnetic Liner glides on smoothly like a liquid eyeliner. Its powerful staying power means your magnetic lashes stay on even in the rain or when you’re in tears of laughter, allowing you to enjoy your lashes without any worries.

    Achieve stunning lash looks in seconds by harnessing the power of magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner, offering a hassle-free and secure attachment.

    Cruelty-Free For Conscious Beauty

    The Couture Magnetic Liner is a cruelty-free product that matches the impeccable quality of our stunning lashes. Designed for smooth application, the magnetic eyeliner provides rich color with just one stroke and maintains a flake-free finish.

    When your magnetic eyeliner is flawless, rest assured that your day will be nothing short of fantastic! Say goodbye to traditional lash glue and hello to the innovation of magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner, providing an ethical and consciously comfortable lash-wearing experience.

    About the collection

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    Net Weight: 0.5oz

    Crafted with meticulous precision and the finest-quality material, the Couture Magnetic Liner is created with close attention to detail. If you’ve previously tried magnetic lashes, you may have found them fiddly but with the Couture Magnetic Liner, lash application is easier than ever.

    Applying The Couture Magnetic Liner —

    Look after your lashes with the Couture Magnetic Liner for a long-lasting hold.

    • To apply the liner, swipe the liner pen very carefully across your eyelids.
    • Start gently and build up to how much liner you want.
    • Add a cat’s eye flick for a super dramatic look!

    Applying Lashes On The Couture Magnetic Liner —

    • Apply the liner until you have the style and thickness you want.
    • Pause for a minute to let the liner semi-dry.
    • With a lash applicator or just your fingers, gently place the magnetic lashes into place to the density and volume you’re looking to create. It’s that easy!

    Removing Lashes From The Couture Magnetic Liner —

    • Take your lash applicator and carefully pinch the fake lashes from your natural lashes.
    • Lift up gently from the outer corner.
    • Don’t apply too much force when removing the lashes from the liner.

    Taking Off The Couture Magnetic Liner —

    • Take a cotton wool pad or makeup remover pad and soak it in ordinary makeup remover.
    • Alternatively use an oil-based alternative.
    • Sweep the pad across your eyelid to remove the liner.
    • Keep sweeping until the liner is completely removed.
    • To ensure that all the liner and other eye makeup is removed, use a Q-tip soaked in makeup remover to get into the nooks of your eyes.
    • Look after your eye and eye health by ensuring you remove every bit of makeup including the liner.

    Read our instructions for taking good care of your lashes here.

    Product Type: Eyeliner