Mademoiselle Lash - Emma Lash


    Looking for the best short false eyelashes that still give you a natural-looking, fuller and longer lash effect? Look no further than our Au Naturel collection.

    Our wispy eyelashes have a double-layered fluffiness that's just a little shorter and less dense than our Premier collection. With proper care and storage, you can wear each set of Mademoiselle Lashes up to 20 times.

    Our Au Naturel lashes are designed to open up your eyes without overwhelming them. With ultra-narrow, clear-colored bands, they will be practically invisible when worn: no need to hide them with heavy eyeliner.

    Designed for mystery: no one will know if your long and wispy lashes are natural or if you're wearing false lashes. Choose Au Naturel for the perfect balance of length, density, and natural-looking beauty.

    Emma is: Versatile Glamor

    On the hunt for the perfect pair of natural-looking strip lashes that you can rock every single day? Searching for a versatile set that can take you from day to night with ease?

    Look no further than Emma — the fluffiest and most voluminous style from our Au Naturel collection.

    Natural Drama for Day and Night

    These strip lashes are the perfect balance between high-octane drama and a more natural finish. Emma's artfully crafted style works seamlessly with both neutral daytime eyes and seductively-smokey evening looks.

    They're the perfect mix of subtle and striking, offering a realistic appearance with just a touch of added glamor.

    Take Emma Home

    Found what you’re looking for? Try Emma today and experience her effortless glam whatever the occasion.

    Emma is your newest partner in crime for turning heads. The most glamorous of our natural strip lashes, Emma gets a second glance every time.

    Ultra-Soft Vegan Silk

    Not just natural in appearance, the Emma strip eyelashes are also made using natural, ultra-soft vegan silk fibers — protecting the planet and the animals.

    Lightweight, Double-Stacked Fullness

    Emma’s lightweight fibers are double layered, then handsewn into a hand-crafted band, carefully and beautifully enhanced to appear invisible against your natural eyelashes. With a gentle B curl and dramatic 10mm (inner), 10mm (center), 14mm (outer) lengths, Emma adds volume without the obvious false-lash look.

    Subtle Shape for Extra Sultriness

    Each double-stacked fiber gives depth and fullness, and the whole lash strip is packed a little more densely than our other Au Naturel designs, for an exceptional finish. Topped off with a slightly winged shape, Emma adds a sultriness to your look that’s perfect for day or night.

    Net Weight: 2oz


    Simply apply your favorite lash glue along the band and allow it to dry for 30 seconds until tacky, then position your lashes center-first onto your lid before pressing down both corners. We recommend using a lash tweezer for more precise application and to avoid damaging the delicate lash fibers. If wearing mascara, apply it first before the lash strip.

    Alternatively, use our clear adhesive liner for even faster, easier application. Simply swipe it onto your lid like eyeliner (no need to get it perfect, it’s invisible!) and press the lash strip straight on.