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    Take blotting to a more professional level with Beautyblender's blotterazzi pro. This great alternative to blotting papers is part of the new pro collection of Beautyblender in tribute to all professional makeup artists out there. It comes in the favorite and best-loved pro color, black. The blotting cushions are washable and 100% reusable, so you don't waste anything. It is made with the award-winning and unique Beautyblender material that is always "thirsty" which makes absorbing excess oil so much easier and is flexible enough to fit all contours on the face. The cushions also have the open cell structure that aids in re-texturizing makeup and mimics appearance of natural skin. It has a chic mirrored compact form factor for easy touch-ups with a vented back and a clear, hygienic separator that makes sure the two black cushion blotters stay fresh.

    • One of the best alternatives for blotting paper.
    • A part of the new pro collection of beautyblender.
    • A washable and reusable blotting cushion in a pro color, black.
    • Made with an award-winning material that absorbs excess oil and is flexible enough to go through all the contours of your face for a flawless look.
    • Designed in a chic mirrored compact form factor with a vented back plus a clear hygienic separator to keep the two black cushions fresh.
    Latex-Free Foam, Water-Soluble Dye, Compact.

    Blot larger areas of the face with the wider side of the egg-shape and smaller areas with the thinner side. Use dry. Wash with liquid blendercleanser or blendercleanser®solid®. The set will last at least 60 days with proper cleansing. blotterazzi pro comes with two black washable, reusable sponges. Wash and dry one while carrying the other with you. The innovative compact not only keeps blotterazzi pro clean and away from other items in your makeup collection, but also features vents to ensure continued freshness.

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