Mademoiselle Lash - Jenai Lashes


    Jenai is: Your Most Striking Look

    Prepare to unveil the most mesmerizing version of yourself with a captivating pair of Jenai 3D eyelashes from our prestigious Premier collection.

    Carefully and meticulously curated to exude intensity and drama, these lashes redefine seduction and ensure all eyes are irresistibly drawn to yours. Let your presence speak volumes as you make a grand entrance on any occasion with Jenai 3D eyelashes.

    Unforgettable, Again and Again

    Reveal your inner seductress with Jenai 3D eyelashes. From dinner parties to bridal showers, corporate events to glamorous occasions, grace every occasion with a lasting impact.

    Become the best version of yourself as you radiate confidence and elegance with Jenai 3D eyelashes. With Mademoiselle Lash, be prepared to leave a mark, time and time again.

    Explore Your Inner Diva

    Explore your unique style with Jenai for 3D eyelashes that make you stand out in any crowd. Treat yourself to Jenai.

    With Jenai 3D lashes, Mademoiselle Lash opens the door to a world of magnificent beauty and incomparable elegance.

    Winged Delight For Almond Eyes

    Enrich the natural beauty of your almond-shaped eyes with Jenai. Change up and transform your style with the best eyelashes for almond eyes. Our meticulously designed 3D lashes enhance your natural beauty, delivering a stunning and seductive look.

    With the transformational power of the winged design of Jenai 3D eyelashes, expand and enhance your soulful eyes. Be the embodiment of elegance with eye makeup that makes an impact with Jenai 3D eyelashes.

    Captivating Length

    Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Premier lashes, where length has no bounds. Submit to the spectacular seduction of 3D lashes that sweep gently to an exceptional 17mm at the outer corner.

    This incredible length ensures a stunning and glamorous look that commands attention and leaves behind your lasting legacy of sublimely jaw-dropping beauty.

    The Power Of 3D Beauty

    Lose yourself in the wonder of 3D lash splendor, where each lash strip is delicately and thoughtfully constructed with a double-layered layout. Feel the intense richness from the combined effect of two rows of vegan silk fibers on each strip.

    Turn your eyes from lovely to luscious with the power of 3D eyelashes for a fabulous impact.

    About the collection

    Make an unforgettable debut with Premier, our exclusive collection made to make a big impression. These strip lashes are the ultimate go-to choice for a spectacular event, a crazy night out, or simply attracting attention!

    Our Premier winged lashes feature a double-layer design and a mesmerizing feathery volume that will leave you looking great from any angle. These fluffy lash strips create remarkable depth and definition on their own, eliminating the need for mascara.

    Discover why these lashes are known as the best strip lashes for that produces luscious, eye-catching results by featuring our longest styles, including winged eyelashes that may reach an amazing length of up to 17mm.

    Net Weight: 2oz

    Simply apply your favorite lash glue along the band and allow it to dry for 30 seconds until tacky, then position your lashes center-first onto your lid before pressing down both corners. We recommend using a lash tweezer for more precise application and to avoid damaging the delicate lash fibers. If wearing mascara, apply it first before the lash strip.

    Alternatively, use our clear adhesive liner for even faster, easier application. Simply swipe it onto your lid like eyeliner (no need to get it perfect, it’s invisible!) and press the lash strip straight on.

    To learn how to care for your strip eyelashes, including removing glue residue, check out our lash care guide.