Mademoiselle Lash - Angel Lashes


    Look heaven-sent with Angel, a set of short mink lashes with a flirtatious cat’s eye flick. Their clustered style adds fullness to your lash line while remaining lightweight and feathery at the tips. It visually lifts your eyes without being too intense or obvious for a day at the office, but come evening, the winged shape and dramatic D curl is the perfect complement for statement eyeshadow or liner.

    Part of our deluxe Vegan Mink false lashes collection, these eyelash strips are made via a revolutionary process that creates synthetic fibers every bit as fine as real mink fur, and with the same natural-looking tapered end too.

    Cutting-edge vegan mink technology

    State-of-the-art Japanese bionic technology delivers vegan mink false lashes that you’d be hard-pressed to tell apart from real mink fur! Infused with plant-based collagen for softness and density, and featuring hyper-realistic tapered ends, it’s all of the luxury with none of the cruelty.

    Hand-crafted cotton band

    Soft and flexible (yet also sturdy and durable) cotton bands ensure easy application, a flawless fit, and all-day comfort.

    Lightweight volume

    The short mink lashes are clustered together into little bouquets, which subtly criss-cross for a denser appearance at the base than at the tips. Look sultry and elegant without overpowering your eyes.

    Sexy winged shape

    Measuring 6mm (inner), 9mm (center) and 11mm (outer), Angel creates a subtle yet mesmerizing cat’s eye effect that lifts your eyes and accentuates your natural beauty.

    Show-stopping D curl

    Far curvier than what you’d get with an eyelash curler, the extreme D curl has a stunning eye-opening effect that balances out their lighter volume, for lashes that will take you seamlessly from day to night.

    Reusable, glue-on lashes

    Another reason to choose cruelty-free: our vegan mink false lashes are even more durable than the real thing! With a little TLC, you can expect to wear these waterproof lash strips 20+ times.

    About the collection

    A dreamy union of cutting-edge technology, artisanal construction and ethical values, our Vegan Mink false lashes collection rivals even the most high-end of natural fiber lash strips. Crafted by hand in small batches, using hairs created via a Japanese bionic process able to perfectly emulate the luxurious look and soft feel of real mink fur, each one is a mini masterpiece that will have everyone asking for your lash artist’s number!

    With four signature shapes to choose from, there’s a style for you whether you’re after long or short mink lashes, round or winged ones, and low-key allure or full-on glamour. 

    Net Weight: 2oz

    Simply apply your favorite lash glue along the band and allow it to dry for 30 seconds until tacky, then position your lashes center-first onto your lid before pressing down both corners. We recommend using a lash tweezer for more precise application and to avoid damaging the delicate lash fibers. If wearing mascara, apply it first before the lash strip.

    Alternatively, use our clear adhesive liner for even faster, easier application. Simply swipe it onto your lid like eyeliner (no need to get it perfect, it’s invisible!) and press the lash strip straight on.

    To learn how to care for your strip eyelashes, including removing glue residue, check out our lash care guide.