Mademoiselle Lash - Haute Precision Lash Applicator


    Haute Precision Lash Applicator is: Easier Lash Application

    Experience the ultimate luxury in lash application and care with our specially crafted Haute Precision Lash Applicator from our exquisite Accessories collection.

    This elegant and useful tool not only makes applying false lashes a breeze but also ensures your lashes remain clean and in impeccable condition.

    The Perfect Applicator For Lashes

    Treat yourself to the finest applicator for lashes designed exclusively for our esteemed mademoiselles. We have meticulously combined all our favorite lash applicator features into one exceptional tool.

    With its slender and curved tip adorned with rounded edges and a touch of rose gold appeal, experience the epitome and luxury of lash applicator perfection.

    Angled To Perfection

    Angle your lashes to perfection with the Haute Precision Lash Applicator that creates a lash look you’ll love. Try the Haute Precision Lash Applicator for impeccable lashes, every time.

    Refine your lash technique with the Mademoiselle Lash Haute Precision Lash Applicator that’s a game changer if you’re still applying your lashes with your fingers.

    Versatile & Precise Application

    Our expert lash applicator effortlessly caters to both magnetic and glue-on lashes, making it an essential companion for any lash lover.

    Whether you're applying a full lash strip or delicate clusters, the angled tip ensures effortless and precise positioning. Its ultra-narrow design allows for absolute clarity, so you can flawlessly adorn your lashes.

    Protection and Longevity

    Delicate yet secure, the blunt edges of our lash applicator provide a firm grip on your lash strip or clusters, ensuring they remain free from creases or damage.

    Preserve the pristine condition of your lashes to enjoy extended wear and countless compliments. Additionally, this indispensable tool prevents bacterial contamination by eliminating the need for direct finger contact.

    From Lash To Brow

    The Haute Precision Lash Applicator doesn't stop at perfect lashes—it also features a fine-toothed brow comb at the opposite end, ensuring your eyebrows are as immaculate as your lashes.

    The versatility of the applicator for lashes allows you to effortlessly blend your natural and false lashes, creating an intoxicating gaze that is sure to turn heads.

    About the collection

    With our signature collection of lash adhesives and applicators, you’ll be an expert in lash application. Get professional lash application expertise with the Accessories Collection.

    From the revolutionary Couture Magnetic Liner and Lash All Day Adhesive Eyeliner to replace messy lash glue to the Haute Precision Lash Applicator that creates beautiful, long-lasting results with a precise and accurate pick-up.

    Don’t compromise on quality when it comes to lashes. Take care of your natural lashes and false lashes with tools from the Accessories Collection to help you create impressive lashes and dazzle everyone who sees you.

    Change your lash game with Mademoiselle Lash.

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    At Mademoiselle Lash, our luxury beauty tools are made from the finest materials for the best quality lash experience. We want to help you care for your Haute Precision Lash Applicator and lashes. Keep them as good as new with our guidance below.

    Storing The Haute Precision Lash Applicator —

    • To care for your Haute Precision Lash Applicator, keep it in the packaging it came in and ensure the box is closed to avoid any dust or dirt collecting on the surfaces of the applicator.

    Cleaning The Haute Precision Lash Applicator —

    • Keeping the Haute Precision Lash Applicator in perfect working condition means it needs a good cleaning.
    • Wash the Haute Precision Lash Applicator in warm, soapy water to remove any dust, debris and lash liner adhesive.
    • Dry the applicator with a cloth and store it back in the box it came in.

    Use The Haute Precision Lash Applicator For Lash Application —

    • With the Haute Precision Lash Applicator, pick up the lash strip from the center of your lashes.
    • Position it carefully at the middle of your eyelid and very close to your lash line.
    • Press down the inner and outer corner edges until the lash is secure and in place.

    Every lash tool at Mademoiselle Lash is handmade and crafted with gentle care, close and meticulous precision, and high-quality materials.

    Read our instructions for taking good care of your lashes and lash applicator here for long-lasting lash results.