Cortex Beauty - Sleek & Shine - Professional 1.75” Wide Plate Flat Iron

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    Unleash your inner powerhouse with the Cortex Beauty Sleek & Shine Professional 1.75" Wide Plate Flat Iron! Step out fearlessly, knowing you'll rock polished, silky-straight hair like a pro. Our sleek and lightweight flat iron is your ultimate styling weapon, allowing you to straighten more hair in a single pass, so you can conquer your day with time to spare. 

    Feel the force of concentrated heat as it swiftly straightens your hair, while the plates shield and lock in vital moisture. No more worries about damaging your hair during styling! Our cutting-edge far-infrared technology goes deep, transforming your strands from within and saving them from stress.

    From fine to thick, curly to textured locks, this flat iron is a game-changer for all hair types. Embrace your strength and feel confident in keeping your hair healthy and protected, ready to face any challenge that comes your way. Unleash the bold and empowered version of yourself with our Cortex Beauty Sleek & Shine Flat Iron!


    • Silky-Straight Hair
    • Wide Plate Design
    • Rapid Heat Technology
    • Moisture Locking
    • Far-Infrared Technology
    • Single Pass Straightening
    • Lightweight Ergonomic Build


    • AC 710V - 240V • 50-60 HZ • 45W
    • Temperature of 450 °F