Cortex Beauty - 1 in. Ultra Slim Digital Flat Iron

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    Step out on the town with polished, silky-straight hair. Embrace the power of our slender, lightweight Cortex Beauty Ultra-Slim Flat Iron. Take charge with five precise LED heat settings for ultimate control. The extra-long, titanium-coated plates protect and lock in moisture. Cutting-edge far-infrared technology works wonders, smoothing each strand and alleviating stress on the cuticle. 


    • Ultra-Slim Design
    • Precise LED Heat Settings
    • Titanium-Coated Plates
    • Far-Infrared Technology
    • Moisture Locking
    • Carrying Case Included
    • Temperature of up to 450 °F


    AC 110V - 240V • 50-60 HZ • 45W 

    How to use the 1” Digital Ultra Slim Flat Iron:

    1. Plug in the flat iron and turn it on.

    2. Use the five precise LED heat settings to select your desired temperature for styling.

    3. Wait for the flat iron to heat up; the far-infrared technology smooths each strand and reduces stress on the cuticle.

    4. Take a small section of hair and place it between the extra-long, titanium-coated plates.

    5. Gently glide the flat iron through the hair to achieve polished, silky-straight hair.