Savvy Curls - Black Stripes Convertible


    The Savvy Curls black stripes convertible curling wrap is great for all hair types & lengths but is especially recommended for women with short hair, layered hair, or for women with extremely thick or long hair. It is also a great option for women who want their curls cascading from higher up on their head. The band across is detachable so it can be used as both a single wrap or a double wrap.This wrap serves all hair lengths and types.

    Savvy Curls hair curling wraps are revolutionizing the way that women curl their hair! These patented wraps work with the natural heat zone of the scalp to produce healthy, glamorous curls or beachy waves without damaging your hair. Our wraps are amazing because they can be worn as a stylish updo as it's curling your hair; it takes 30 minutes off of your morning routine; it is comfortable to wear or sleep in; it saves your hair from heat and damage. Savvy Curls makes hair curling easy! So say Goodbye to curling irons, wands, and flat irons, and say hello to beautiful, healthy Savvy Curls!

    One Size

    5% spandex 95% polyknit

    Machine wash delicate, Air dry