Lucky Thirteen Candle - Tranquility Massage Oil Candle


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    Our Tranquility Massage Oil Candle conveys a sense of peace and relaxation which can relieve mental fatigue, relieve muscular pains, boost circulation and alleviate itchy skin. The Peppermint and Lavender fragrance oils can bring positive, happy vibes to your mind, soul and body. This Massage Oil Candle has a very pleasant aroma and the long burning time will provide you with maximum relaxation and calmness. It has a great throw and the scent is impactful without being intrusive. Our Tranquility Massage Oil Candle is also a thoughtful gift for anyone!

    Net Weight: 4oz/113g

     Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Soy Wax, Sweet Almond Oil & Fragrance Oils (Peppermint + Lavender)
     It’s simple! Light your candle and wait until the candle melts. Allow the calming fragrance to fill the room. Once the candle has melted, blow out the flame. Test the temperature of the massage oil prior to applying to skin. Enjoy the moisture that your skin now has!