ACQUA DI PARMA - Caffe In Piazza Room Diffuser 6 oz.


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    A lively and enveloping, heady yet soft composition that evokes the very Italian pleasure of meeting friends, chatting and spending time together.

    Bring the spirit of conviviality into your space with a scent celebrating a typical yet storied Italian tradition. Intense hints of coffee are mellowed by sweet bouquets of freshly baked pastries.

    Bright cardamom notes recall the joyful and lively atmosphere of the piazza, enhanced by intense coffee scents. The sweetness of vanilla, evoking the aroma of freshly baked Italian pastries, finds its perfect match in a hazelnut cremino for a delicious olfactory treat.

    Tasting Notes: Cardamom, Cappuccino Foam, Roasted Coffee, Vanilla, Everlasting Flower, Sandalwood, Hazelnut 'Cremino' Accord

    Net Weight: 6 oz.

    Product Type: Home Scents & Candles