Voodoo Makeup - Highlight & Conceal Brush


    A small, super dense, deep-angled, professional makeup brush head made of premium synthetic bristles.  Highlighting brushes bristles are encased in a silver ferrule atop a classic black matted handle. Perfect for smaller areas and precision application to highlight cheek bones, contours, and make your eyes appear 10 years younger.

    Net Weight: 7 oz

    Bristle Type: Synthetic

    How To Clean Your Highlighter Brush:VOODOO MAKEUP Recommends Deep Cleaning Your Personal Use Brush Every Two Weeks, Or Monthly At The Minimum For Hygienic Reasons. Wash Your Brush Gently In Warm Water With A High Quality Clarifying Shampoo So That The Bristles Retain Moisture But Are Adequately Cleansed. Do Not Bend The Bristles Back Or Scrub The Brushes Hard, Simply Use A Fine Tooth Comb To Gently Glide Along The Grain Along Bristles While Submerged In The Soapy Mix. Air Dry Completely Before Next Use For Optimum Application Results.