Voodoo Makeup - Foundation Brush


    Our signature foundation brush offers a dense, kabuki-style head made of premium synthetic bristles encased in a silver ferrule atop a classic black matted handle.

    About our Foundation Brushes
    Our professional foundation applicators are among the best makeup applicators in the business, helping you get runway ready by yourself without a professional makeup artist. Our brushes are designed to work best with our products. The soft bristles deliver the most gentle touch on the skin, apply the product with a feather weight feel and leave a flawless finish.

    We recommend deep cleaning our brushes at least once a month, preferably twice a month with spot cleaning after each use.

    Net Weight: 14 oz

    Bristle Type: Synthetic

    Foundation Brush Care Instructions:We Recommend Deep Cleaning Our Brushes At Least Once A Month, Preferably Twice A Month With Spot Cleaning After Each Use Personal Use. If You’re Using Using The Brushes To Apply Makeup On More Than One Person Daily Cleansing With A High Quality Clarifying Shampoo Is Recommended. After Significant Buildup Dawn Liquid Soup Can Be Used To Cleanse The Brush In Warm Water But Be Careful Not To Dry The Bristles Out As They May Not Perform As Expected. That’s Why Quality Clarifying Shampoo Works Well To Clean Them With Warm Water In Even Strokes With The Grain Of The Bristles.

    Product Type: Tools for Face