Sultra - After Hours Collection Thermalite Dryer Brush


    Sultra® After Hours™ Collection ThermaLite™ Dryer Brush guarantees to dry your hair lightning fast while creating the most pumped-up volume and sexy style. Exclusive ThermaLite Technology combines Far Infrared Rays with a dedicated Ion Emitter that actually promotes healing of the hair and scalp while you style. The Far Infrared Rays rejuvenate the scalp, help remove excess build up and promote healthy hair growth.

    Simultaneously, the Ion Emitter produces a continuous flow of 100% electrically charged molecules, ensuring completely frizz-free, healthy looking hair.

    • Exclusive ThermaLite Technology Far Infrared rays for healing hair and scalp
    • Built-in Ion Emitter combined with a ceramic coated barrel work together to create a smooth, frizz-free style
    • Lightweight and ergonomically designed for ease of use.
    • Two heat settings and Cool shot to lock in style
    • Cool tip
    • Two-year warranty.
    • 9Ft no tangle cord.

    Includes: (1) Sultra® After Hours™ Collection ThermaLite™ Dryer Brush, (2) Attachments

    Weighs: 45 oz.

    Measures:16.0 inches length x 12.0 inches width x 6.0 inches height

    It is a blow dryer with two attachments, a round and a smoothing brush attachments. Use on damp or dry hair to create curl, wave or bend.
    Product Type: Tools