Sunscreen for Body

Beauty Bridge's sunscreens are packed with essential ingredients to give you the best possible protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Step into the sunshine with confidence, no matter what level of SPF your skin desires.
  • Chocolate Sun

    Chocolate Sun - Shea Butter Botanical Sun Defense

    • product title: Shea Butter Botanical Sun Defense
    • product-type: Sunscreen for Face
    • product-type: Sunscreen for Body
    • collection: Botanical Skin Care
    • preference: Minerals
    • preference: Parabens-Free
    • preference: Natural
    • preference: Vegan-Friendly
    • preference: Organic
    • ingredients: Antioxidant
    • ingredients: Shea Butter
    • ingredients: Aloe Vera
    • ingredients: Sunflower Oil
    • ingredients: Octinoxate
    • ingredients: Titanium Dioxide
    • saleallowed: TRUE
    • freedom: False