Martinni - Salicylic Acne Clear Ampoule (10 Pack)


    Salicylic Acne Clear Ampoule with Salicylic Acid + Red Sage

    Instantly feel soothing calm as oil and acne-causing bacteria are dissolved away. Redness and inflammation are reduced while the barrier function is strengthened. This clarifying concentrate is the perfect treatment for blemished and problematic skin conditions. Prevention of excess oil is achieved while maintaining a natural moisture balance. Uneven skin tone and dullness fade to reveal fresh glowing skin.

    Net Weight: 10 (.17 fl. oz. /5 mL)

    Honeysuckle, Chinese Skullcap, Salicylic Acid, Willow Bark, Red Sage, Vita Blu Complex

    Hold the ampoule in one hand and wrap a tissue around the neck of the ampoule. With your other hand, grasp the neck of the ampoule firmly and snap it open at the lower ring. Pour the ampoule into the palm of your hand, and pat it evenly onto the skin.