Laser Spider Vein Reduction

Q: Hi,
I'm a 48 year old peri-menapausal female with sagging, thinning, dry & sensitive skin from many years of abusing my skin in the sun and from smoking.
I've lost a lot of facial volume and I'm looking for products that can thicken my skin, as I can no longer afford filler injections. Are there any peptides or other ingredients that can increase facial volume? I understand the results won't be as drastic as the filler injections, but the skin on my forehead is so thin that the veins and bones are visible. Even if I could afford the injections, I was told that the forehead cannot be injected with filler materials.

Esthetician: There are no products that will actually make you skin thicker but from what you say about your skin being so sun damaged and abused by all the fillers and injections, I think you should try Neocutis. They use PSP or Processed Skin Proteins which rejuvenate the skin and over time you will achive results that you can be happy with.


Q: I have very bad red veins on my face as well as age spots -- Have been using Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Consealor --- can you suggest another product that will cover as well if not better but not too costly ? Thank you

Esthetician: Dermablend is the best product to use for covering anything. If you are not happy with the product you are using you should try using the Dermablend primer and setting powder to get better results.


Q: What is good for spider veins on face and brown marks?

Dr. Berger: Spider veins on the face can be removed with a 1064 YAG laser like the CUTERA CoolGlide. Pre-treatment topical anesthetic cream helps a lot and it takes 3 sessions to completely destroy the veins in most cases.
For brown marks I recommend photo facials or, if they’re more severe, Photo Dynamic Therapy. Consult your local Cutera Laser specialist.


Q: Dr Berger,
I’m 38 and have permanent redness on and around my nose. Could you please advise a cream? Thanks for your time! Ian UK

Dr. Berger: Well, Ian, it depends on what sort of redness. Does it get worse in the heat? Under stress? It might be Rosacea, which is difficult to treat, but is controlled well with laser treatments.
It may just be venous formations, and a 1064 YAG laser could get rid of it permanently.
There are no effective creams for diffuse redness such as you describe.


Q: Dear Dr. Berger,
I was wondering if there is a cream or some ointment that would reduce and eventually remove the spider veins on my legs.

Dr. Berger: Nothing removes spider veins but 1064 YAG lasers. It’s effective and relatively quick, and you just need to find an experienced physician. I hate to disappoint, but there are no creams which really work for this problem.


Q: I have bad leg veins.

Dr. Berger: If they are big, blue varicosities, go to a vascular surgeon. If they are spider veins no More than 3/16" in diameter, find someone with a CoolGlide Cutera Laser and start treatment. 3 treatments per area of veins usually does the trick.


Q: I was originally told that the redness that developed on my cheek in my late teens was caused by tanning beds and small capillaries coming up to the surface and breaking. Then, 3 years ago I was told that it was actually a type of port wine stain that develops later in life in some people. Is there any kind of treatment that I can look at to have it removed/repaired etc?
When it first came up I had several laser treatments (that were quite painful and seemed to work but were discontinued by my insurance) and haven't looked back into it.

Dr. Berger: Dear Nici,
I'd have to evaluate the problem first hand, but if this is a result of capillary overgrowth, lasers are the answer.
Unfortunately, the problem is considered cosmetic… a letter from a psychologist describing your social reluctance and anguish over the problem might help, but insurers are tough. Find a specialist with a Cutera Xeo, who has a LOT of experience with vascular lesions.