iBen: iBen - Personal USB Travel Humidifier


    Cleanse and hydrate with the Personal Travel Humidifier-this device rests and/or attaches to standard size water bottles (think Evian, Dasani, Fiji etc.) to provide relief to cold, cough, and flu symptoms, itchy dry skin, congested sinuses, chapped lips, and headaches by adding moisture to dry air.

    Product Features

    • Works with any standard water bottle & wide opening of cups, mugs, vases, & other containers (rests on top)
    • Recommended minimum water bottle size: 300 ml/11 oz.
    • Recommended minimum water bottle height: 15 cm/6 in.
    • Charges through USB (included)
    • Eliminates bacteria up to 99.9%

    How to use: To use this device, simply attach a filter to the inside of the humidifier, place the humidifier on top of the water bottle, and plug your USB in. This piece works to clean and hydrate your air with mist max flow of 35ml per hour up to eight hours, and then it will shut off automatically.

    Cleaning Instructions: Every 2 weeks, clean the nozzle of the humidifier with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar to remove dirt & minerals.

    Product Dimensions: 1.75 x 1.75 x 5.25 inches

    Product Weight: 2.4 oz

    Connectivity: USB 2.0 and up

    Humidification capacity: Up to 35 ml/h

    Material: ABS, PP

    Warranty: 1 year

    Made in Korea.