Grooming Lounge - Handsome Devil EDT


    Finely curated luxury fragrance for the handsome charmer, the top-tier bloke with good looks and a penchant for danger. Exudes an air of masculinity and allure.

    Top Notes: Bergamot, Cranberry, Pink Pepper
    Heart Notes: Lavender, Orange Blossom, Sage
    Base Notes: Base: Sandalwood, Coumarin, Vetiver

    Top notes of zesty bergamot, succulent cranberry and spicy pink pepper form a spellbinding opening that intrigues and entices the senses. As the fragrance evolves, mid notes of aromatic lavender, citrus orange blossom and the earthy, grounding essence of sage take center stage. This aromatic masterpiece feels classic, setting the stage for an unforgettable olfactive journey. The base notes of creamy, woody sandalwood, tempting coumarin and the earthy, masculine depth of vetiver create a captivating signature, leaving a lasting impression that embodies the spirit of a modern man who wears it. 

    Exudes attainable luxury, persuasion, sophistication and damn... it smells so good!

    Skin Type: Those that want to smell better

    Net Weight: 3.4 oz.

     Spray onto pulse points of wrists or neck or directly onto the chest. Prepare for compliments. 
    Product Type: Cologne