Grooming Lounge - Hair Raising Kit (Save $10)


    Trio of our Barber-Created The Best Shampoo, You Need Conditioner and Some Hair Cream guarantees healthier and better looking locks for less. It's $10 less than if purchased individually... to split hairs. A great kit for holding onto the hair a guy has and making it look and feel its absolute best.

    Grooming Lounge The Best Shampoo
    The best daily-use shampoo period. Gently removes residue to promote healthy hair and a scalp. Stimulating peppermint smells great and imparts just-right tingle. Contains basically anything that can gently clean and possibly help a guy hold onto his hair.

    Grooming Lounge You Need Conditioner
    Yes, you do need conditioner. A daily volumizing hair and scalp conditioner that moisturizes and energizes while promoting a healthy scalp. Leaves hair soft and manageable, features a great mint scent that leaves scalps tingling.

    Grooming Lounge Some Hair Cream
    Lightweight cream keeps hair neat, tidy and handsome. Moisturizes, protects and conditions, while fighting frizz and fly-aways. Great for guys who "want to look like they use anything in their hair." -- but really need some product to keep things looking polished.

    Sulfate and Paraben free.