Gorgeous Cosmetics - Brush 018 Socket Shadow


    Brush 018 is a firm bullet-shaped brush that tapers to a tip. Excellent for cut crease defining. Brush up on beauty and be your own Pro Makeup Artist with a professional quality brush from Gorgeous Cosmetics. High quality makeup brush, for professional looking results & better application. With these elite tools in your hands, you will feel like the brush is doing the work for you, no matter what your level of expertise.

    Product benefits:

    • Professional results
    • Finest quality natural hair
    • Wooden handles to establish elite control

    Net Weight: 6.6 g

    Natural Hair
    Apply shadow to the tip of this brush to apply shadow and create depth through the socket by using long sweeping motions back and forth through the socket. The same technique can be used on the lower lash line to create a strong but diffused look under the eye.
    Product Type: Tools for Eyes
    Preferences: Natural