ENT Naturals - SENSES Natural Ear Mist-

ENT Naturals - SENSES Natural Ear Mist-

    senses® NATURAL EAR MIST is an organic coconut oil-based daily ear care product, with a unique sprayer to avoid the spillage of typical ear drops that often leads to wasted product, while allowing for quick administration. Ear drops are messy and hard to use. Dermatologist Tested.

    RECOMMENDED FOR CLEANSING AND MOISTURIZING EARS DUE TO: Winter dryness, wax buildup, low humidity environments, and allergies...while also cleansing the ear from items like dirt, dust, and pollen

    • Steroid & Preservative Free
    • All Natural & Organic Coconut Oil Based
    • Unique delivery- ear mist, no more messy, hard to use ear drops!

    Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil. Vitamin E Acetate, Mineral Oil, Organic Black Cumin Oil
    1. Hold bottle upright, apply small or larger nozzle
    2. 1-2 sprays per ear up to 2 times daily
    3. Massage ear, wipe excess.

    Store at room temperature. Shake well before use. Discard after 1 year from first use

    Product Type: ENT Ear, Nose & Throat
    Skin Types: Dry
    Preferences: NaturalPhthalates-Free
    Ingredients: Coconut OilVitamin EJojoba