Cadiveu - Plastica Dos Fios Liso Magico Smooth Serum


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    The best memory effect treatment whit revolutionary technology by Cadiveu.

    Plastica Dos Fios has a magic potion and you have to try this product!

    Liso Magico Smooth Serum is a thermoactive treatment for a long-lasting smooth effect. It is activated through blow-dryer heat and its active ingredients focus on the external part of the hair, realigning the cuticles, providing a smooth effect for a prolonged time.

    Liso Magico facilitiate and reduces the drying time, seals the cuticle, prolongs the anti frizz effect, provides great shine to the hair, protects de color, blocks the moisture of the hair, prevents breakage at the ends, prevents hair when it is high porosity level becomes entangled and gives a velvet effect.


    • Instant smooth results.
    • Sealed ends.
    • Hair free of frizz.
    • Thermal protection.
    • Prolongs the effect of the Plastica Dos Fios active treatment.

    Net Weight: 215 ml / 7.2 fl oz.

    Water, Dypropylene Glycol, Silicone, Quaternium-18, Poly Silicone-29, PEG-40, Hexyl Cinamaan, Fragrance.
    Spray the product throughout clean damp hair comb through. Blow-dry the hair.

    For best results, flat iron the hair into small sections.

    Product Type: Serums
    Concerns: Frizzy HairSplit EndsThin, Limp & Fine Hair
    Preferences: Natural