From the vault - our latest breakthrough products with the most advanced anti-aging technologies. Whether you notice that your complexion has lost its natural radiance, your skin feels dry, or your eyes and mouth are surrounded by new fine lines, you want to find a way to remedy these common age-related concerns. Time brings about changes to your skin. The brand relies on its patented, award-winning NIA-114 technology, which centers around one molecule--NIA-114--that is capable of improving your skin. This patented form of Niacin can penetrate to your deepest layer of skin, helping to eliminate those underlying causes of aging by energizing skin cells, strengthening and rebuilding the skin barrier, and fighting those inevitable environmental aggressors. StriVectinLABS is a leader in creating anti-aging formulas that produce noticeable results. Within the StriVectinLABS line are several products that target a range of aging concerns. The highly effective products within the StriVectinLABS family can potentially address five concerns that are common as you age. First, NIA-114 combines with Collagex-CE and Peptides to offer wrinkle-fighting power, diminishing the line and depth of your wrinkles. Another formula featuring NIA-114, Gravitite-CF, and Protein Tighteners can help tighten and firm sagging skin and boost elastic to improve your complexion's lift and contour. If you're facing general aging issues on your skin, including wrinkles and loss of elasticity, an NIA-114 and Retinol formula can reduce wrinkles, improve hydration, and refine texture.

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