Scarguard ScarCare is a liquid that dries quickly to a nearly invisible protective film. There are thousands of Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons nationwide using it after surgery, after injuries and on old scars as well. It really works! Scarguard Doctors have known for decades that there are ways to improve scar appearance. Most people don't know about these products because they have not been easy-to-use, and therefore, have not been recommended widely. Finally, this problem has been solved. Our patented formulation is the only product that combines all of these ingredients into an easy-to-use product. Recently, one plastic surgeon wrote to us that "Scarguard has been well accepted by both my patients and staff, and most importantly, it works!" We have received thank you notes from many doctors who have incorporated Scarguard into their practices. This product is available without a prescription. If you or someone you care about has had surgery, an injury or has an old unsightly scar, take a few minutes and learn more about Scarguard. You will be glad you did!.