Mirenesse - Supreme Secret Weapon 24HR Mascara - Black


    Be Possessed!

    There is always one in every generation who possesses the totality of all mascara abilities this mascara is simply known as the –The Supreme”.

    The Supreme comes with the responsibility of leading the entire new generation of mascaras.The Supreme mascara is ideal for lashes that deserve to be worshiped. An Absolutely Glamorous look you can trust to not flake or smear all day or night, in fact its so safe you can even sleep in it, and its easily removed with warm water.

    The Supreme Brush: Our incomparable ”Bewitching Brush” (inspired by the shape of witches hat) is ingeniously tapered to reach the smallest lashes on one end, and rounded on the wider end to easily load lashes and Triple the lash length in the outer eye corners for a look so full and feathery, extensions will become a thing of the past.Clinically Tested. Designed Especially for sensitive eyes.

    Net weight: 10 g

    Key ingredients: Panthenol Organic Gel Wax Mineral Gel Free From: Alcohol. Parabens. Mineral Oil. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.
    First blink into the brush for your first stretch experience! Then use the tip sweeping vertically to find the tiniest lashes and load mascara for extra length on. Then sweep upwards in a horizontal motion for extra length + thickness. Fast and Easy to use the formula glides on and volumises beautifully, as the stretching gel sets you can even gently lift your lashes even further by pressing gently with your fingertips.