Bee Naturals - Miracle Skin Creme (2 oz.)


    A pure powerhouse of natural ingredients for dry, dehydrated skin. A touch under foundation helps makeup glide on effortlessly. Suggested for Dry Skin. Our creme is a blend of time-honored ingredients from nature that will soothe, soften, nourish and pamper your skin. It can be used for the face, lips, hands….. anywhere your skin needs a little tender loving care.

    Product Features:

    • No petrochemical ingredients
    • Fragrance & preservative-free
    • Rich Beeswax, Olive Oil & Coconut Oil


    • Pure nourishment
    • Perfect for skin sensitivities
    • Eliminates dry patches

    Net Weight: 2 fl oz. / 60 ml

    Olive Oil, Beeswax Pastilles, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Honey, Polysorbate 80, Deionized Water, Rosemary Olein Extract (Antioxidant), Propolis
    Apply a small amount to the palm of your hand and softly rub your hands together while your body temperature warms the cream. Glide your hands over the areas to be treated.