Whole Story - HYDRATING MIST | Cellular Hydration


    100% pure acidic water; no other ingredients! Perfect to mist after a shower, a workout, or anytime skin is dry, rashy or inflamed. HYDRATING MIST creates an environment for your skin cells to heal and thrive. This is skin care 101: You have to start with hydrated cells!

    When HYDRATING MIST is sprayed on your skin, it repairs damaged skin cells, reduces excess inflammation, and reverses the appearance of aging skin. One of the major causes of premature aging is caused by excess inflammation in the skin, and excess inflammation is caused by dehydrated skin cells.

    • A TRUE HYDRATOR | This unique product is 100% pure re-engineered ordered water that penetrates the skin giving cellular hydration
    • Flushes out toxins in skin cells | Promotes rapid repair of damaged skin | Brings rapid relief to stressed and irritated skin
    • Reduces the appearance of aging skin, damaged skin, & excess inflammation in skin cells
    • Relieves skin from environmental damage such as excess sun exposure
    • Restores acidic water to the outer rim of the cell to stimulate healthy skin cell renewal
    • We recommend using HYDRATING MIST as part of the ESSENTIALS | Daily Routine or ESSENTIALS | Morning Routine & ESSENTIALS | Evening Routine

    The Science of HYDRATING MIST | Cellular Hydration

    1. The size of an H2O water molecule is too big to penetrate the outer rim of the cell. When you wash your face with water, the water stays on the surface layer of your skin, it doesn’t absorb and penetrate the outer rim of the cell which is desperately dehydrated.
    2. The water we drink has a pH level of about 7, anything above 7 is considered alkaline, and anything below a pH level 7 is considered acidic. The water your skin cells naturally produce in your body is acidic water. As we age, our bodies make less acidic water causing our cells to become dehydrated.
    3. The only way to stop the cycle of dehydration is to give the cell exactly what it already makes in the body, which is acidic water.
    4. We have re-engineered an H20 molecule. By electrolizing a water molecule, we make it 100 times smaller so your skin cells will recognize it and easily absorb it into the outer rim of the cell.

    Ideal for: All skin types

    Net Volume: 236 ml / 8 fl. oz.

    Electrolyzed / Oxidizing (EO) Water
    For AM & PM Use. Spray anywhere on skin. Use daily or as often as needed. Re-apply on highly damaged areas.