thisworks - With Sleep Comes Beauty


    A luxurious wind-down ritual to encourage peaceful beauty sleep.

    WHEN: Before bed each night when you need a little extra help falling asleep.

    HOW: Add some routine to your evenings and reap the self-care benefits. Turn your evening bath into a dreamy spa experience and use three products – deep sleep heavenly candle, deep sleep shower gel and deep sleep bath soak – in one. Once finished, your skin will be nourished from the added Coconut Oil in deep sleep shower gel, your mind relaxed from the ambient scent of the candle and your muscles relieved from the bath soak. Wait an hour before bed and then spritz deep sleep pillow spray onto bedding for a blissful night.

    WHY: Beauty sleep is more than a myth.

    deep sleep bath soak: Add a spoonful of bath salts to your bath.

    deep sleep shower gel: Massage all over body in the shower.

    deep sleep pillow spray: Spray on your pillow or bed cover before you go to sleep.

    deep sleep heavenly candle: For best results burn for up to 4 hours each time and trim wick before relighting. Burn time approximately 40 hours.