thisworks - Skin Deep Leg Duo 3.4 oz.


    Start the day with a moisture surge thanks to hero skin deep dry leg oil and stride into a more luminous evening with 24 carat gold skin deep golden elixir.

    An ingenious day to night duo, skin deep dry leg oil will counter post morning shower dehydration from overnight trans-epidermal water loss as well as dramatically improving skin tone and texture throughout the day. Skin deep golden elixir will offer a luxury top up of golden glow with added anti-ageing benefits as and when you need to show your legs later on in the day.

    Skin deep dry leg oil is a highly concentrated 100% natural blend of 9 exotic and 7 cold pressed plant oils to tone skin, stimulate circulation and calm irritation. The pure gold in skin deep golden elixir works with Vitamin A to stimulate collagen and cell regeneration, firming and plumping the skin while improving skin radiance. Naturally regenerative botanicals Aloe Vera and Clary Sage soothe irritated skin and Jojoba Oil seals in moisture.

    By combining two of our best products for dry skin, skin deep leg duo can maximise your body’s ability to retain moisture, protect and regenerate itself, giving you the confidence to show off your legs at any occasion.

    Net Weight: 1.69 oz. / 50 ml (x 2)