Sutra Beauty - Air Pro Blow Dry + Styling Set (Lavender)


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    This 9 -piece set includes the Air Pro Blow Dryer, and all you need to nourish, transform, protect, and repair stressed hair and scalp, and to maintain healthy, hydrated, and shiny results. Safe for all hair types.

    NOURISH with Shampoo, Condition, and Leave-In Conditioner.

    PROTECT with Heat Protector prior to heat styling.

    REPAIR with Hair Cocktail for hair subject to excessive heat, color, and chemical treatments, and to lock in moisture and incredible shine.


    Use Flexi Brush to massage and stimulate scalp, and to comb through Leave-In Conditioner.

    Use Crane Clips to separate sections and style hair with ease.

    Use and 20ml Rejuvenating Hair Serum for instant smooth and shine on-the-go!

    Net Weight: 0.7 LBS

    Can be used on damp or dry hair. For best results, towel dry hair before use. Select heat / speed setting suited to your hair type.