Stai Bella - Orange Blast Sugar Scrub

Stai Bella - Orange Blast Sugar Scrub

No Longer Available


    When it comes to fresh ingredients, we really do put the whole fruit in...even the peel. This citrusy scrubber is made with naturally brightening fine grain sugar to buff away any dryness and leave your limbs soft and smooth. Plus it contains plenty of orange juice, uplifting essential oils, and orange peel wax to leave you looking and feeling radiant. Grab a handful, rub in small circular motions and get your blood pumping as you inhale this mood-boosting fragrance. Then rinse off before shaving or sealing in your newfound hydration with a luscious body lotion.

    Key Benefits:

    • Fine-grain sugar gently exfoliates.
    • Citrus essential oils boost moods.
    • Fresh orange juice brightens skin.
    • Perfect for anyone who wants to give their skin a sunshiny boost filled with tons of citrus scents, skin-brightening orange juice and naturally exfoliating fine grain sugar.

    Net Weight: 8 oz. / 227 g

    Organic Fine Grain Sugar, Rice Bran Oil, Blood Orange Essential Oil, Fragrance.
    Using a sugar scrub is easy! Smooth a small amount onto clean, dry skin using dry fingers. Then, wet your fingers and gently massage the sugar scrub over your face. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat dry.