SPA of ICELAND - Scented Candle Fjola with Coconut, Amber, Musk & Vanilla


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    SPA of ICELAND embodies the very best of Icelandic nature and reflects the principles of Nordic design, which inspire our brand. SPA of ICELAND Fjóla Relaxing Scented Candle with relaxing fragrance of coconut, amber, vanilla and musk. Named after Fjóla, a daughter of Iceland, who is wise beyond her years, grounded and full of love. Enjoy the whole SPA of ICELAND relaxing bath soak experience. Order our large scented candle and our spa-grade Fjóla Relaxing Icelandic Mineral Bath Salt for a truly spa-like escape at home, soak and relax.

    Net Weight: 155 g

    50% Soy Wax And 50% Vegan Paraffin, Lead-Free Wick-Trimmed Lead-Free Wick

    *Five ways to get the most out of your SPA of ICELAND aromatherapy candles**

    1) SPA of ICELAND scented aromatherapy candles come with a pre-trimmed lead-free wick, making them safe to light straight away, once removed from their elegant packaging.

    2) Each time you burn your SPA of ICELAND aromatherapy candle, let the candle burn long enough to let the entire top layer melt into fragrant liquid wax. This will ensure that the candle burns evenly.

    3) After burning, we recommend to trim the wick.

    4) Never leave the candle unattended while lit and keep it out of drafts and away from pets and children.

    5) When you blow out the candle, use a steady, strong exhale instead of a quick forced exhale to avoid disturbing the wax. Don’t move the candle or handle the jar until the wax has settled and cooled again.

    Product Type: Home Scents & Candles