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Dry skin

A dry skin is harder to maintain the right moisture balance, the pores are often small and feel quite unusual while lines and dryness wrinkles appear earlier and more clearly.

The skin often tightens a little after cleansing and you often feel a bit freaky and simply dryness in your face.

Normal skin

You have normal skin if you have smooth and nice tone, no visible pores and neither oily or dry surface. The skin is soft, buoyancy and has good luster.

Having normal skin is not so common and therefore the name is a little misleading, but it's just the fresh and well-balanced skin that many seek to get.

Combination skin

A mixed skin is characterized by a fat t-zone(forehead, nose and chin) and dryer cheeks, eyelashes and throats.

A common mistake is to try to wipe out the fat t-zone to reduce oilyness and bad skin. Keep in mind that the different parts of face need different types of care.

Oily skin

You have oily skin if you have large and widened pores, easily get shiny skin and an oily skin surface. You also tend to get pimples and the appearance of blackheads more easily.

Use products that balance fot production and are specially formulated for oliy skin.

Sensivite skin

A sensitive skin can easily turn red, irritated and feel tight. It is common to have superficial and widened blood vessels.

Your skin can also react quickly to some skin care products and external stresses such as cold, dry air, sun and heat.


Cleansers come in a few different forms and here are the ones which you should use, depending on your skin type and the cleansing step!

Addressing almost all skin issues from getting rid of oiliness to slowing down signs of aging, Dermalogica aims to better your skin’s health rather than provide you with luxurious scents and beautiful packaging. The products are extremely to the point and importantly enough, they work.

It’s not what’s NOT in the products but what’s in the products actually makes the products well worthy of use and that’s what needs to be focused on. Here are 6 hypoallergenic beauty products perfect for those with sensitive skin!


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Based on your answers and the conditions that your skin is exposed to daily, you can get a skin that looks good and feeling fresh with our skin care suggestions. Keep in mind that it takes about 2-8 weeks for your skin to get used to new products before seeing any improvement.

There is no guarantee that the skin test provides a 100% correct recommendation as this not a scientific analysis. The daily routines are based on your image and information you provide.