Royale - ImmunoBoost (30 capsules)


    Immuno Boost contains Beta Glucan (ß-Glucan) which has been shown to protect against infection by bacteria, viruses, and pathogenic microorganisms. It also prevents cancer promotion and progression and has synergistic anti-tumor effects with monoclonal antibodies and cancer chemotherapeutics.

    • Beta Glucan is a natural polysaccharide that is classified as an Immuno-Modulator; meaning, it “modulates” (changes) your Immune System to make it as efficient as possible. This fiber-like molecule works by activating every Immune System Cell in the body: Macrophages, Neutrophils, Basophils, Natural Killer Cells, etc.
    • Macrophages, specifically, trigger a host of immune functions that allow the body to produce the most complete, effective and appropriate immune response achievable. The activity of the body's immunocytes (Immune Cells) determines how well your Immune System traps and consumes invaders that do not belong in the body.
    • When the body is confronted with foreign pathogens it sees as non-self (e.g., Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Cancer, Parasites, etc.), Beta glucan puts the immune cells on “high alert” to confront the attackers.

    Simply put, Beta Glucan is the catalyst that makes our immune systems smarter, increasing the strength of our wellness forces.

    Net Weight: 30 capsules

    Baker's Yeast Beta Glucan
    (Recommended Usage) Take two (2) capsules per dat on an empty stomach or otherwise, recommended by healthcare professional.

    Precaution: Not to be used by pregnant and lactating women. For those with medical conditions, consult your physician before taking. Keep out of reach of children.

    Product Type: Supplements