Royale - Fiberich


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    An all-natural fiber supplement that contains 100% psyllium seed husk. This comes from the crushed seeds of the plangato ovate plant, which can be responsible for an easier bowel movement and healthier digestive system.

    Its benefits:

    • Promotes healthy digestive system.
    • Helps lower cholesterol level.
    • Helps you stay fit.
    • Aids in blood sugar management. Slows down digestions to allow gradual release of glucose.
    • Helps prevent diseases. Acts like an internal broom which cleans the walls of digestive tracts, helps remove toxins from digestive system and colon, and keeps an optimal PH in intestines to prevent microbes from producing cancer substances.

    Net Weight: 200 g

    Dietary Fiber
    Stir one (1) tablespoon of FIBERICH in a half glass of water or juice followed by an extra glass of water soon after. Drink plenty of water all day. Regular daily intake recommended. For weight and blood sugar management take 30 minutes before meals. Adjust dosage to suit individual metabolism and fiber requirement.
    Product Type: Supplements
    Preferences: Natural