Rose Sensation - Natural Rose Water Spray

$10.00 - $24.10

    100% pure and natural Bulgarian Rose Water

    #1 clean beauty toner for skin & hair. Does not contain preservatives or aroma boosters. Give yourself the best natural care. Calm, relax, and revitalize your body and spirit. It is in two convenient sizes for the whole family.

    ?Pure nature Rose Water. Our Wholesale Rosewater Refiller is very concentrated and has a bitter aroma. Dilute with water to get a nice rose aroma

    USES: Rosa Damascena Rose Water was highly valued for its anti-aging and antiseptic properties from ancient times. You can spray or use a compress to nourish your hair and skin all day long.

    ? After SUNBURN, our Bulgarian Rose Water relaxes the irritated reddish skin, and cools of the epidermis at the same time. Safe for the entire family, including little babies.

    ? FOR TIRED EYES: apply Rose Water on two cotton pads to make a compress and let it rest on your 

    eyes for 10 minutes

     Rosa Damascena Flower Water.

     Apply Rose Sensation Rose Water on your hands, face, and neckline, keep wet to dry naturally without wiping or drying up your skin