purelis - Gift Baskets - Bath and Body Spa Basket For Women & Men. Lavender Home Spa Set


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    Pamper her with THE ULTIMATE SPA GIFT BASKET of Indulgence & Relaxation. Purelis Serenity & Synergy Blend Spa Basket will give her a crash course in the Three R's Treatment. Renew... Recharge... Rejuvenate.

    Sensational Spa Goodies with Beloved Essential oils nourish the skin & body and soothe the soul. Body Lotion Basket includes all bath and body products you need for an at home spa day.

    LUXURY LAVENDER SPA BASKET includes: Luxurious Lavender Shampoo, Lavender Body Wash, Lavender Aromatherapy Bubble Bath, Bath Caviar, Body Butter, Bath Bombs, Lavender Massage Oil all with therapeutic oils, in a delightful Lavender fragrance

    For the premium collection we make it even better with Lavender Essential Oil Body Wash, Aromatherapy Lavender Candles, Aromathery Necklace & top it off with the richest Plush Luxurious spa slippers to ensure the greatest spa basket on the market. Redefine Luxury with this 1-of-a-kind DELUXE SPA PACKAGE/BATH BASKET!!

    Indications: hypoallergenic, sensitive skin