Philosophy - Smooth, Glowing & Hopeful Gift Set


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    we believe great skincare doesn't have to be complicated. this complete facial set of must-haves will transform your skin and streamline your regimen. first, America's #1 cleanser* gently dissolves makeup, lifts away impurities and gently tones and hydrates, for clean and conditioned skin. for an extra 1-minute boost in hydration and glow, use our breakthrough peeling mousse instant glow facial to roll away dead skin and impurities and instantly reveal skin with less-visible lines and a more even tone. to keep the glow going, follow with renewed hope moisturizer for 72 hours of non-stop hydration, refined texture and healthy-looking glow for all skin types. enjoy the ultimate skincare set.


    • 2.0oz renewed hope in a jar water cream
    • 4.0oz purity made simple cleanser
    • 2.5oz renewed hope peeling mousse