Philosophy - Pure, Perfected & Renewed Gift Set


    we believe that your healthiest and most beautiful skin can be achieved in 3 steps with a simple skin care set: cleanse, peel, treat. begin your regimen with America's #1 facial cleanser* to dissolve makeup, lift away impurities and gently tone and hydrate, for clean and conditioned skin. next, a weekly peel is essential to maintain good skin health. with the fan-favorite microdelivery resurfacing peel, you can resurface skin with our facial exfoliant while replenishing it with vitamin C and peptides for an instantly brighter and smooth complexion. finally, treat skin to lasting hydration. the lightweight whipped formula in renewed hope in a jar helps to refine texture and pores, brighten and re-energize skin with a healthy glow that lasts up to 3x longer.


    • 3.0oz purity made simple one-step facial cleanser
    • 1.0oz the microdelivery resurfacing peel step 1
    • 1.0oz the microdelivery resurfacing peel step 2
    • 0.5oz renewed hope in a jar refreshing & refining moisturizer