N o 9 Bask - Pheromone N o 9 for Women (1.05 oz.) - White Label


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    If Cupid had studied neuroscience, he’d know to aim his arrows at the brain rather than the heart. Recent research suggests that for love to last, it’s best he dip those arrows in pure human pheromones. Although scientists have long known that this molecule is essential for monogamous couples to stay true to their mates, and that it makes humans more trusting toward one another, they are now finding that it is also crucial to how we form and maintain romantic relationships and pair bonding for life.

    A handful of new studies show that exposure to pure human pheromones makes us more sympathetic, supportive, loving and open with our feelings—all necessary for couples to celebrate not just one Valentine’s Day, but many. These findings have led many researchers to conclude that a pure pheromone experience can be used in couple therapy and pair bonding for life.

    Pheromone N o 9 White Label for Women. The only one of its kind in the world.

    There is no known molecule like this in our bodies except for Pheromone N o 9 that can produce this type of targeted results.

    Only pure pheromones are responsible for Love, life and the ability to co-exist

    Created for women who desire the company of a man.

    Odorless and undetectable.

    Net Weight: 1.05 oz.

    Alcohol Denat., Fragrance, Water.
    Use sparingly 1 spray.
    Product Type: Perfumes
    Preferences: Oil-Free